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Servicing Customer Requirements Worldwide

For more than 15 years GB Precision has worked with clients across the world. We have customers in Europe, North and South America and Asia. During this time we have amassed a wealth of experience working at a distance from our customer and have developed systems and communication experience to ensure our customers' requirements are met.

We can offer every option from a complete subcontract service, taking drawing to completed part, right through to a single specialist machining operation on pre-machined supplied parts.

Over the years we have gained extensive experience of both importing and exporting, and can cooperate with any courier or shipping company our customers choose to use.

The packaging of engineered components for shipment is critical to ensuring that the parts arrive at our customer's in first class condition. We have specified our own packaging and packing processes to ensure parts arrive undamaged at the customer premises.

We are experienced in operating under various international terms of trade and we are able accept payment in a variety of currencies, including Euro and US dollar.

All parts that leave our premises are protected from corrosion and damange during shipment.
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