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CNC Metrology


GB Precision has invested in highly capable and accurate CMM technology. This allows us to inspect multiple features on multiple parts in a single set-up of the machine.

* NEW capacity and capability installed in 2014 *

  • Mitutoyo CMMs with large working area 1000x600x500
  • Full CNC control including probe change rack and probe orientation for measuring complex parts with wide variety of features in one setup
  • Scanning capability
  • Wide variety of probe sizes and geometry to allow measurement in restricted spaces or small features
  • Mitutoyo Crysta 7106 CNC CMM
  • Mitutoyo Crysta 544 CNC CMM
  • Mitutoyo BHN710 CNC CMM

Metrology Equipment

GB Precision follows an on-going policy of investing in the latest Metrology equipment, which is housed in a dedicated Metrology Laboratory.

  • Contour Tracer for detailed analysis of both internal and external forms and surface features
  • Roundness Tester for high accuracy geometric measurements of features such as roundness, concentricity and perpendicularity
  • Surface Roughness measurement equipment capable of measuring surface finish on both flat and curved surfaces
  • Variety of attachments to allow measurement in small bore diameters
  • Microscope and projection equipment for detailed inspection of profile and visually defined features
  • An extensive range of standard toolroom measuring instruments and fixtures.
  • Wireless Data Aquisition equipment for rapid recording of measured data
  • Mitutoyo Roundtest
  • Mitutoyo Contour Tracer
  • Mitutoyo Surftest
  • Carbide Slip Gauges

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