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Tuesday 20th September 2016
It's all about the Detail

As an ISO9001 accredited company GB Precision is constantly looking for ways to improve quality across the range of our activities, which is why, after thoroughly researching the options available on the market, we have invested in a Starrett HD400 profile projector with internal edge-detection.

Our customers come to us because they know we offer a truly quality-focused approach - in many cases that means it’s "all about the detail" and, in fact, it’s often "all about the edge".

To take just a couple of recent examples of "difficult to measure" features, one component was recently specified with a very large blend radius between adjacent surfaces. Even though the blend radius was very large the surfaces were only slightly angled resulting in a very small area of radius (less than 0.010mm”). Another included a partial ellipse cut out, where the radii of the ellipse were 2.5m in one direction and 11mm in the other. The Shadowgraph technology proved the ideal solution for checking such difficult dimensions.

One of the key benefits of the profile projector is its simultaneous accuracy and simplicity of operation, making it particularly useful when production staff need to carry out in-process checks on components – which is why we have located the equipment on the shop floor to allow easy and rapid access by everyone on the team, reducing time taken for measuring and eliminating the possibility of operator subjectivity and manual errors.

As Director, Paul Turner explains; "Our customers are seeking ever more extreme geometry and stringent tolerances, and they are looking for perfect parts, every time. So not only does our machining technology have to be second-to-none, but our inspection system also needs to be first class, with the ability to check critical dimensions rapidly and reliably, whether it's a batch of 2 or 200-off. The HD400 provides us with far more than simple dimension and form checking, it is an essential production tool on our shop floor."
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