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CNC Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Grinding

STATE OF THE ART GRINDING - NEW capacity and capability installed in 2014

GB Precision has invested in Studer S21 and S31 CNC grinding machines, making it one of only a handful of companies in the UK capable of offering out-of-round subcontract grinding.

These machines have the ability to grind high-accuracy bespoke thread forms, often required for mould tool assembly work, and cut tapered polygons on the end of otherwise cylindrical geometric forms.

The Studer machines also handle the whole range of high-precision grinding tasks, including the creation of external and internal spherical forms, where the surface finish across the whole part and the form accuracy is of critical importance.

  • state of the art Studer machines for their capability to produce exacting tolerance and form integrety
  • Capacity up to 325mm Dia. x 600mm long
  • Out-of-Round capability for Cam or Punch forms as well as eccentric diameters
  • High accuracy thread grinding capability
  • Complex forms, tapers, spherical shapes or any combination
  • Extensive experience and tooling to produce highly varied components
  • Dedicated Grinding Section CMM for complex inspection during part processing
  • Materials include Tool Steels, Stainless Steels, Engineering Plastics and Carbide
  • Studer S31 CNC
  • Studer S21 CNC
  • Studer S21 CNC

Surface Grinding

Our Surface Grinders are fitted with equipment to dress complex forms onto the grinding wheels. Combined with this we have a wide variety of fixtures and sine chucks that allow us to create any practical geometry.


  • Capacity 400x150x300
  • Optidress & Diaform systems for producing complex forms and features.


  • Jones & Shipman 540L
  • Jones & Shipman 540

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