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CNC Die Sink Erosion

Our experiance and investment into presetting and palletisation systems has allowed us to eliminate any on-machine setup. This not only increases the hours available for the machines to erode customer parts, but allows us to setup complex parts that the standard machine datum cycles would not allow.

Our machines are fitted with automatic loading systems, high capacity electrode changers and fire systems allowing extended unattended running to minimise the turnaround time for our customers.

  • Large working capacity 350mm x 250mm x 300mm high
  • Latest palletisation tooling giving zero setting times
  • Latest high performance generators for fast erosion and fine finishes
  • Agie Exact Hyperspark 2
  • Agie Hyperspark 2
  • Agie Impact 2
  • System 3R Workpal loading systems
  • System 3R Palletisation Systems
  • Offline presetting systems
  • Flexible fixturing systems for high precision workholding

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