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Thursday 7th May 2015
GB Precision Installs Wireless Metrology Solution

Today, success is all about delivering provable, repeatable, quality – that is what Paul Turner, MD of specialist engineering firm, GB Precision believes.

Which is why he has recently invested in Mitutoyo’s latest U-Wave Measurement Data Wireless Communication System, not only speeding up general metrology activity, but also significantly reducing final inspection times – as well as reducing the opportunity for human error.

The U-Wave system enables easy wireless data communication from a wide variety of measuring tools, including calipers, micrometers, height gauges, etc. (in fact any tool that provides Digimatic output) direct to a PC. Because the devices are cordless, measurement no longer has to take place near the PC, allowing much greater freedom of layout within and beyond the inspection area.

As Paul explains; “What appealed to us is the great time savings we are achieving by using in-process measurement – helping us get accurately machined and measured components out to our customers in double-quick time.”
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